By Fred Fishkin

November 23, 1998 

 A Web of Controversy 


Sometimes when you do something nice, you just aren't appreciated. In the town of Flemington, New Jersey for instance, a local resident by the name of Annick Elziere thought it would be nice to create a web site telling all about the community. She put a photographic tour on the site along with listings of businesses and restaurants and such. Some ads were sold to help her pay for it. Now the town government wants the web site removed. Flemington has its own official web site and doesn't want any confusion. The cease and desist order sent by the borough attorney doesn't impress the independent web mistress… 

"I have no reason to take it down. I believe I have all the rights to have it up there. And I'm not doing anything against the town. I am helping everybody. So, I don't think there's any reason for me to take it down." 
The site is at The official site is at It's turning into one of the most unusual cases yet dealing with freedom of speech on the Internet. 

 Fred Fishkin is the reporter and producer of Bootcamp...A Report on Computers and Technology...which can be heard on WCBS NewsRadio88 in New York and on CBS Radio stations around the country. He is also one of the creators of TechTales, a collection of humorous tech support stories on the web.

 Fred has won numerous awards during his career, including the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting from the national Radio and Television News Directors Association. His hobby with computers and technology turned into a daily on-air segment in 1993. Fred also does technology reviews for the CBS News television broadcast Up to the Minute.

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